“Read My Mind”

Woke up & I remember I saw you I lay there & wonder What you were Telling me to do . . Come close Too close Smiles show Embrace me Far past regret I saw that demented smile Again . . Blinking in a dream another time approaches Shows me old houses Old rooms Hair... Continue Reading →

Channeling with Strangers

Spoke with a psychic Lastnight She reached out to me Told me spirit wouldn’t Let her be Told me you Are all around me If I could see this energy What would the colours be? . . . Spoke with a psychic Lastnight She told me everything Wasn’t alright Hot and cold This game gets... Continue Reading →

The Sight

I’ve found The sight again And it showed Me you Showed me a You I’ve never been Introduced to A you I don’t know Don’t like Won’t grow He’s flipping these Pages with no Answer in sight He sees my name And it gives him Panic and delight I can’t believe What I saw Picked... Continue Reading →

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