I was thinking 🌗

Hey I was thinking Of leaving you Can’t do it anymore I had so much fun With you lastnight But I saw who you were Can’t look past these Blocks you choose . . . Hey I was thinking Of leaving you Makes me sad Thought we were close . . . I had so... Continue Reading →

Take Take Take

Never thought That I would feel like this Such a mess when I’m in your presence . . PVRIS killed Me with this Wasn’t my heart That sank But lately I’ve excepted This sight is my fate Tried to shut it down Almost a year ago But God came back Said no baby Flow .... Continue Reading →

I Want More

I choose to live Well I've decided to start my travel fund. Not just a work at the same job, save up money, go for a vacation then come back and plan a new sense of adventure to fantasize about to get me through the next couple months. My spirit needs something...so much more. I... Continue Reading →

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