A Poem Left Unfinished

So impressed But so depressed Walking around Heart blocked on chest Spiraling thoughts I think I’m less I cannot reach What I can’t confess Let me sit down And settle this mess I’m right here Don’t look at the ground My arms around you Singing so loud Erasing the pain Removing the stain Forgiving the... Continue Reading →

I Am The Rehab

My friends are hurting again A piece of my soul aches Out in the world Learning his lessons The methadone has got him Mixing with the alcohol again Too many plugs Not enough hugs I can feel him so low He needs music Needs to feel again My friend isn’t well Talked to him today... Continue Reading →

I was thinking 🌗

Hey I was thinking Of leaving you Can’t do it anymore I had so much fun With you lastnight But I saw who you were Can’t look past these Blocks you choose . . . Hey I was thinking Of leaving you Makes me sad Thought we were close . . . I had so... Continue Reading →

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