Double Heartbeat

Oh what could it mean This is reminding me Of my personal awakening I wish I could give you Back your memory Not so easy when this Shit comes along Double heartbeat Sing me a song . . I wish when you call I could hand you Your treasure map With all the obstacles beat... Continue Reading →

I .. .. You

I hear the guitar Ring out I love you My hips start to sway The way I’ve always Wanted them to Freedom has risen in me Broke these chains that Hindered me Puked up the poison That has long devastated me Sorry I had to leave I love you I swear Write me a song... Continue Reading →

When The Debt Is Paid

… I read your mind today Felt your heart beat as If it was mine Reminds me of old times . . Today is a new moon In Aquarius How do I transmute This energy Change it into Something useful in this infinity sign . . I have clear sight So clear sometimes I want... Continue Reading →


I’m trying I swear I look within Taking pictures Taping words together Rereading my sanities Translations Sometimes makes me weak . . I’m trying To live this life All of this borrowed time I still have people Tell me it’s not mine . . Obligations & Conditions Do they factor Into paying off My karma... Continue Reading →

Return to Sender —

I’m thinking I’m thinking I’m thinking again Where would I be If this thought hadn’t led I’m thinking I’m thinking I’m thinking again Where would I be I thought I was dead I lay here I lay here I wish you were here Who would I be Without you plus me I’m thinking I’m thinking... Continue Reading →


Hearing his hand Hit the guitar to Keep the beat Takes me back How did I get so Far away from my home No lyrics collaborate But words dance All around me Maybe I’m supposed To write and your Supposed to play Maybe I’m supposed To sing softly While you close your Eyes in a... Continue Reading →

Paradigm Shift

I’m falling upwards What more can I say The courage these moves Take make me look like disarray . . I’m falling upwards What more do you need To believe My mind is different now I’m not the version of me In your head Rather be dead to you Then be that fool again .... Continue Reading →

Same Soul Different Karma

Confessing seems To be a breeze these days No emotions to restrict These blocks that have Paved the way of the Person I am today So many versions of me Led me here Not all honorable Not all kind Most the versions I’ve apologized to Thought they were losing Their mind What a soul to... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Habit

Unconditional love Is what is missing People picking and choosing When to see the humanity In each other Such a shame This love that the world needs Lives in my chest And yours too This love we’ve been outsourcing Is right where we least expect it In us — why are all of us so... Continue Reading →

I’ll try not to die

You approach me in a crowd I’m a child again as you Stand behind me I can feel your presence Wrap around me I was so scared Wasn’t ready to look Into your eyes So unworthy of who you are Such a good boy I never wanted You to fall Let this lifetime Sink in... Continue Reading →

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