50 Days

Speak to me in only desire Just for tonight When the light peers Between the blinds Close the door to What you truly hide Mourning is not here yet So we have much time to connect Don’t waste time being Insecure about your caress When your hands touch me I am alive I am you... Continue Reading →

Compassion Companion

I carry death with me well Carry it with me In life So In death I may Carry life I translate death I translate the teeter of Should I give up today Or give it another day I translate my pain Like a poem written well Transmute my pain As inspired by my ribs poem... Continue Reading →

Everything is the Last

I must take this in One last time This is my end My true divine I must breathe this in It is my last ride Been away from home Too long Need to rest my head From where I roam Everything is the last Every step I take One step closer to my fate Everything... Continue Reading →

The Hemispheric Battles

I feel your heart beat at the back My chest How is this possible Asks the left brain Impossible So He puts you away . . I feel your heart beat at the back Of my brain Left side too boxed in Right side flowing Like someone Who dances and sings All the time Within... Continue Reading →

I Am The Rehab

My friends are hurting again A piece of my soul aches Out in the world Learning his lessons The methadone has got him Mixing with the alcohol again Too many plugs Not enough hugs I can feel him so low He needs music Needs to feel again My friend isn’t well Talked to him today... Continue Reading →

This Is a Siren’s Song

I say your name over the water As soon as i sing it It becomes a sirens song It awe-lll escapes from me Drips from me Pours from me Let me gift you my release Heal me In these words You speak So close Never far away again Inside of me this Division will finally... Continue Reading →

Hold Your Breath

I was thinking Maybe today I would leave Maybe today is the day Where I pull all of my energy away Maybe today I’ll give myself some peace From this cloudiness that is inflicting My brain — if I am a receiver Then what am I receiving this time My soul is so old So... Continue Reading →

Mirror Image

They cannot guide Something they’ve never seen before They cannot hide From a mirror that Sits so pure Give them grace Lend them humility Know that this temporary Is a strength you possess And weakness to the rest They cannot hold space For something that can’t go In a container You are too big Too... Continue Reading →

Sacred Views

Locked in a daze Sometimes I can’t escape This muse calling me He comes when I least expect it Draws me in to my true Eclectic How do you miss someone You don’t know I’ll never understand I cannot only choose To process with the Analytical Side of brain My feminine suppressed For too long... Continue Reading →

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