Through the breath ——- comes the energy

Im looking for you Plugging my ears To hear where you are . . Closing my eyes To see you so far Inhale Listen close Exhale I feel like a ghost I need to sit down Find the energy again . . . Have you left The enemy yet? Haven’t craved yourself Enough yet? .... Continue Reading →

With the Kindness of Today

Conversations with friends always get my mind stirring all around.  To the future.  To the past.  It doesn't matter.  It's every which way... I know I'm still young and I have way too much to learn but a part of me broadcasted a loud speaker to these particular thoughts.  A part of me at one... Continue Reading →

                                                                                                             ... Continue Reading →

Remember who you are

I remember, When all of this came to me. Hit me. Awoken something in me. My eyes look different. My mind cycles different. Clearer. Better. Open. Free... I could compare this experience with an addict entering sobriety. But i am no addict entering sobriety. I found my calling. I lit the fire in my soul... Continue Reading →

Candles in the Dark

Picture anyone that sticks out in your mind when you think of a "helper" in this journey we call life. Not your mother or father or even siblings just someone who was there in the most perfect way and it took you some time to realize it. Narrow it down a bit more... Think about... Continue Reading →

I Want More

I choose to live Well I've decided to start my travel fund. Not just a work at the same job, save up money, go for a vacation then come back and plan a new sense of adventure to fantasize about to get me through the next couple months. My spirit needs much more. I... Continue Reading →

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