Jumping Timelines

Gotta let you

Go since you make

Me feel so unworthy

Gotta let you go

Since you showed me

Your true colors

You’d rather get lost

In the night lights

Then show me who

You really are

Guitar town is all

You are now

What a long road ahead

I’ve jumped timelines

Left your sinking ship

I won’t go down with you

Since you’re so filled with pills

You’ll just crash my ship

I know you’ll continue to look

For me forever but I’m not coming back

This is what you chose

So the consequence is me

Leaving forever — will you even know

Into a sight you’ll never see

I finally found someone that understands you

And understands me

Finally grounded to someone

Who won’t fill me up and leave

You left me for dead

Acting like you did nothing

You left me forever and now

Think I am the judger

I swear it was unconditional

But you wanted to stay in the stage light

Stay mangled in your trauma

Bonds and claim they are your fight

You want the truth —-

Me to critique you

You want me to do your sound check

And tell you when you’re being a fool

You couldn’t handle it so I breathed

Your burdens in — refused to scrape

Away at you and let you die within

There is no fucking saving you

And you will never remember the truth

Remember you wanted me to write

Back and give you your tattoo

This isn’t me condemning you

But me becoming my own muse

You want to watch a union

That isn’t with you

You want me to show you inspiration

While you aren’t on the guest list

How about I smile on a red carpet

With someone who actually inspires me

While you sit there on my socials

How about you finally realize

We built each other

Put us where we are

I was the musician while

You dribbled a ball

I was the singer

While you were rapping

And tapping at every girls bra

I gave you compassion

Grace and space

I let you in everytime

Shortened up your apologizes

Because I know we are running

Out of time— I didn’t want to waste it

Since I don’t have much of it left

I thought you learned your lessons

But a comfort zone is what you wanted

Instead — you can’t grow with someone

Who sucks your soul dry

You can’t have long term love

When all you want is to tell her

To go bye bye but look at you now

The cutest fucking Gemini

Coming home from your night life

While she still digs through your

Phone to spy — you are becoming

A monster someone I refuse to know

You are becoming further from the

Kid that used to be my home

I am protected in an energy that

Hides me from you

A universal orchestration

To keep my heart away from you

You chose this …


Let that fucking echo

This is what you’ve done

When you get weak

Don’t you dare reach

For that gun

You thought you were low

When I called to resuscitate you

The first time now just think

I’ll never ring you

Your name I hit delete

I wish you knew how much it

Devastates me to cut away and blink

Away from the timeline that we set up

To come back into sync

You’ll never know the heart ache

If you do I hope you choose

To survive there is no other shot you get

This was the last time we were supposed

To arise — but here you are with other

Girls in your phone while your wife

And kids sit at home thinking your out

There grabbing up a bone

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be

Johnny Cash — so go on down to Jackson

I dare you to go mess around

Pinocchio — you know the whale

Is waiting for you to drown

I loved you enough to hurt me

Over and over

I loved you enough to

Tell you the truth

Of things you refuse

To know

Sit and fucking spin

With the whiskey bottle

Replay these covers

Close your eyes and think of me

When she begs you to be her lover

I am done knowing

I am done seeing for you

You wrote the poem

I’m just finishing my cue

“ you see what others cannot

So they talk “

What have you said about me …

Given in to the poisoned feminine I see

“Live the poisoned pain as if

Every drip is one of passion —

You’re alive — feel alive — stay alive “

Baby I did it — I am alive

trying to stay alive — I fucking swear

I couldn’t have done any of me without you

“ you are no longer yours — you are mine”

You were leaving me as you claimed my soul

Put someone else up as your picture

And chained me down below

Drowned me with the truth you refused

It’s impossible they won’t let her be my muse

Everyone makes your choices for you

I have to be Done telling you your truths

Done being your silent muse

Settle in this wreck less life

Cause the south is what you choose

You will haunt me but I just

Update the flowers on your grave

Kindly Honor the memory of the man

Who chose to rape the mundane

Dear wishing well did you find

The answer to long term love

Cause it takes a lot more than

A little work —- you aren’t

Living in true love

But go on down to Jackson

See if I care

When you come home from

Your show stinking of temporary lust

She’ll find the heroine in your drawer

Gamble your life savings away

Like it will always come and go

I can’t believe this little boy

Won’t even let me know

The truth of me still beats in his heart

And you still won’t let me go

I told you for years we are connected

I didn’t choose to be infected

But I still laid there and took your blows

He tried to scrape you from me but I’d

Never let you go

Already tasted too much of you

Activated kundalini – what a cosmic show

I’ve jump timelines I won’t haunt you anymore

My energy away from you

A ghost you refuse to go

I want to scream in pain

Like someone is ripping me in half

Get down on my knees and beg for freedom

Before my soul collapse

I wish so much this outcome to be different

But a coward is what you choose

I won’t sit here and mock you

I just thought that you should know

You murdered the only one who ever

Knew you and now I’m bleeding and must go

I’ll die if I stay in this push pull energy

You are living off of — I can feel your heartbeat

It’s too late our souls have merged

I feel every pill you take — every whiskey

Glass drank every girl you fake

I had to jump timelines so my soul

You wouldn’t ignorantly rape

I told you we were connected

It wasn’t a cute little story

I needed you to take responsibility

For your half of this fate

Now I have to live without you

And some days it’s more than I can take

Now I have to live without you

When you hear I’m gone

Don’t break

Just know that I tried everyday

And every night to heal your soul so bright

But now I lay you on this alter

For the 100th millionth time

I thought this time we were stronger

And we would walk into the light

The parasites have got you

And they think they got me to

Instead I have cut off you

And chose to fulfill my life ahead

I am setting up funds for all my family

Generational wealth flow back into

These ancestral lines who have been

Waiting for me and you — when I go there will

Be Accounts left open for you

Your babies and my babies

You are all my family too

I love all unconditionally

Even when you murdered me

I am immortal so tell her

To quit cracking eggs into cups

She is giving you things

Just so you feel fucked

Not so beautiful now

When you see the rotting of her soul

Not so loving now that she’s taken

What she wants from you

I am jumping timelines

Part of me is telling me not to hit publish

But a dick punch will hopefully wake you up

Maybe just maybe you’ll sober up

These are just timelines don’t you see

That baby boy I told you about — yeah

That was you and me …

“ Morrison Alan “

What a sweet little baby pea

You could’ve loved the music baby and me

Don’t forget or you’ll never get out

Just because you won’t choose suicide

Doesn’t mean you won’t have to come back

To face the suitcases that lay behind you

Please don’t choose a doomed fate

I promise when you find the light

I’ll be waiting there for you

You’ll kiss me with the truth

For now my love I’ll honor this life you choose

It doesn’t matter if I run

Me you cannot lose

I heal you at night

Send Janice to you

To separate the energy of your fight

An army of angels I command to protect you

My demons I’ve commanded to fight the

Sulfur that is in & surrounds you

My hands lay over your skin

I’ll heal you within

One day you will wake up

I just hope it isn’t after I’ve met my end




March 14th 2022

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