Scribbling on Screenshots trying To figure this Shit out . . Scribbling on Screenshots Sometimes I Fill with doubt . . simple things Soothe me As I zone in and out . . Don’t talk to me I’m hanging out with me Scribbling on screenshots I’m flowing through the breeze . . 2:45 PM 12/22

Dark Whispers —— I Won’t Follow

The whispers Are coming again Coming from a distance I know they want to Seep in I’m stuck on a problem My wheels spinning On just one thing That could take My soul within . . They are coming They approach From the ground Powerful they seem With no camouflage I gleam Here I sit... Continue Reading →

“Read My Mind”

Woke up & I remember I saw you I lay there & wonder What you were Telling me to do . . Come close Too close Smiles show Embrace me Far past regret I saw that demented smile Again . . Blinking in a dream another time approaches Shows me old houses Old rooms Hair... Continue Reading →

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