Going Home

I freed myself today Chose myself Like I needed to Didn’t give notice To the two faced fool spreading bitterness Wonder where everyone goes . . . I freed myself today I believe the universe Shines down a golden ray I took care of myself I’ll be taken care of everyday . . Remember this... Continue Reading →

Channeling with Strangers

Spoke with a psychic Lastnight She reached out to me Told me spirit wouldn’t Let her be Told me you Are all around me If I could see this energy What would the colours be? . . . Spoke with a psychic Lastnight She told me everything Wasn’t alright Hot and cold This game gets... Continue Reading →

Nothing & Everything

Of all the versions Of you I know Why are you so scared To show me this one? . . Of all the You’s I’ve met Why is it so hard To confess this one? . . I’m the one that Remembers everything Yet I’m the one Who is kindest To your evolution . .... Continue Reading →

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