Dear Music

I fell in love with you When I was just a kid Didn't know what love Was but I felt in sink in . . I carried it with me Unwilling and intimidated Somehow knowing it's all Impossible to get faded . . I fell in love with the distance Knowing I could never get... Continue Reading →

Our Legacy

Do you still get shook When our paths Fall in line . . Do you still ask why I come freely to your mind . . There is life in me But I don't get to tell you that There is life in her I can see her getting that . . My third eye... Continue Reading →

Heartless Clogged Facade

Why is there A longing for more? More credit More clothes More empty items To never expose Such a gaping (w)hole . . It's a trap All the commercials Credit cards Campaigns It's an addiction Something that drove me To the mundane . . Keeping up with the jones Turning myself into A step-ford for... Continue Reading →

Hate the Sin Love the Sinner

Stay asleep I can't care Caring gets me Closer to Nowhere with you I'm still the problem When I've faced myself Dug down deep And pulled out the hell . . . I showed you the flame And you point and say Your to blame You can't forgive When you've never been taught . .... Continue Reading →

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