Bleed like me

I wish you were spiritual

And religious

So you encompass both sides

To hear me

So I can show you

We are bleeding on the same side

Crying the same tears

Yet you suffer in silence

Due to free will

Your womb is an inferno

Of resentment



That don’t just come to you

He has manipulated the truth

And is paying in his mind

He lays there awake

Looking at you

Wondering how he can

Undo what he’s hidden from you

Will you leave if he tells you she’s

Blonde instead of brown?

Will you leave if you find out

It’s your friend who is around

The friend she confided in

And brought closer to you

You buried your truths

And killed your chance

To tell the truth.

If you don’t believe me

CAll me and I’ll tell you

How I killed mine too.

How long will you let

Her fist of green


Choke your throat chakra

When will you break Atlantis

Because you think she isn’t true?



You are a sloth right now

Wallowing in misfit truths

Your Presbyterian ways

Tell you it’s the devil attacking you

You have a false circle of faith around

All of you. Praying for both of you

Like my life is the burden

Of your untruths

You have to tell and live your truth

Or she will leave for good

And yes

You will have ruined her fucking life


So draw a bath and dip your feet

In the bathroom you already

Hold your head in

Let yourself cry


And release

Go to her

And get on your knees in

Front her

Grab her hand

And tell her the truth is going to hurt

But remember the truth does not have

Feeling we do.

Console her

Hug that lion until

She is fed

There is no fault

Just an illusion

Of misunderstandings

Fed by both of you


That a ring

And pictures will prove

You two aren’t through.

Don’t give up on each other

See each other for your true

Then get out of the south

Like you both need to do.

Break the generations of

Oppression and regression

Be the evolution of your parents

Of your ancestors

Like you were put here to be.

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