My Miracle

In the moments leading up to finishing ” Nothing short of a miracle” I was left wondering if my cliff hanger was too much for what has happened to me. I guess as I look back at it now it was all an epiphany I was changing through and I haven’t found myself in one of those in quite some time.

I can remember what place in Kansas City I lived in , the mind set I had wrapped in a blanket I still own sitting on a floor I paid $700 for no bed to write about my inconsistent “friend” in my life. I remember I wanted to sleep in my car rather than stay in the place and job I was lined up in at the time. I can honestly say I was a different person with different goals in line. What happened to my soul in Kansas City was the biggest eye opener I have ever experienced in my life.

I am mine.

I am free.


I worked too much and gave myself next to nothing to survive. No mental stability, correct diet or even enough sleep. I just kept my head down and worked until my next adventure. I would get angry would work or life would seem redundant and realize it was all my fault and get a spell of anxiety. It was like a nine inch nails song on the way to work everyday. “Everyday is exactly the same.”

I was planning my escape once again looking to see when my lease is up again. This man starts to work for my same store. I don’t like him but he’s pretty and funny.


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