There is a man in my head. 

He refuses to detach from my memory

I refuse to detach from  him. 

This man holds sides of me

Confides in me. 

Supplies me with what I need to get through the night when my mind idles on the vision of something so pure. 

I can’t look away from him. 

He is stuck in my head. 




Call him my synopsis 

He is my thought process 

My lockness. 
A ghostly reminder 

Another bind to her 

My Caspered innocence (in-no-sense) 

It makes no sense. 

To me there is something so deep and beautifully tortured about a love gone bye. I have loved and never stopped loving. Burnt infront of his eyes and healed like a timed surprise. The man in reference should be men… There is more than one that lay on my conscience;each playing a role in my life then disapating over time like dust in the wind.

Each one dances in my mind as a reference point of parts of the past. A thank you reigns from my heart for their time.that familiar chyme. Their memories etched into my heart; hands crossed ;waiting for a bless. 

 Yet the times are so far away they are fabled as my lockness. 

Tattooed to remember Me

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tattoo….You?.”

i have many tattoos.

All special to me…

they represent a time.

A freedom…memory.

something I never want

to forget.

My arm tells the story of the fall leaves dancing down my bicep spun around by the blue wind hurrying to take it all away.

It says ” for we are but of yesterday and know nothing , because our time on Earth is a shadow. ”  

it’s a daily reminder that I am not on my time. On the backside it reads “Remember who you are” while little simba hides in the blue swirl of wind cascading down my arm. My artwork is a stunning reminder of the lessons I have learned and ones I will not soon forget. My rib is tainted with the words of another saving my life with each simple phrase.

” Live the poisoned pain as If  every drip is one of passion. You’re alive. Feel alive. Stay alive.”  

How these words have kept me going far past the times I thought I could let go. It’s easy to lose yourself in this world. There are so many distractions and temptations thrown at us daily. 

I marked myself different.

 I did it so I would never give in to what “they” want from me. I know who I am and I know I’m still meeting myself. I never want to forget but I never want to deny myself as well. I am tattooed to Remember Me.

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