I am in love with the World 

I picture myself years from now, wondering if I am doing the right thing. My mind burst with ways to escape the bore I feel sometimes and I wonder if I have the strength to indulge in the unknown.   I am in love with the World    Not a man. Not the idea of a... Continue Reading →


What goes through your mind when you think of her?                            I can still hear her laugh.                            She had the best laugh. Letting someone who is such an idol in your life go is hard. Even knowing it was their time. But when she left it felt like the end of an era for my... Continue Reading →

Asirun…I ponder too much 

I got this Kansas City life going for me right now.  New people... New places... Something my soul feeds off of. Waking up and not knowing my way to work is an adventure everyday. I see new things yet in the past two months I have felt I've had no time to embrace what is... Continue Reading →

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