I’ve had a distorted view on the word beautiful my whole life.
                              What is defined as beautiful?
Who or what is beautiful? 
                                  What separates you from  labeling others “Vanilla Basic” compliments. 
What makes you identify yourself as beautiful?
Through my eyes i see it as the answer is in itself. The spelling.
As the answers we want are in us,
                                                                 …                    Be ….      You…                                         …
Let those words sit and wash over you like a warm rain and a deep breath. Exhale the realization it is in you. Not on you. 
           Not the clothes you wear or the way you do your hair or even how well you can apply make up everyday. 
It’s how you can stay humble and kind to a stranger.
It’s how you realize we’re all fighting our own battles.
it’s when we help each other.
                                                                      Even if i don’t know…
                                              I want to know your story….
Inside beauty
Outside Beauty
Be You

Desert Storm

My hero is the girl that signed her life away at 18.

My hero is the girl that followed her brother and fiance into war.

They called it Operation Iraqi Freedom while taking theirs.

My Hero is the girl that let me borrow her clothes.

My hero is the girl that picked out my Prom dress from Kuwait.

My hero is the girl that sent me flowers from Iraq.

My hero could stop you dead in your tracks from miles away

If you talk about me.

My hero could drop kick you a million different ways

If you pick on me.

My hero has the prettiest smile and a soul glowing white light.

But my hero has a better eye than Annie Oakleys Sight.

If you pick on me. 🙂

She is my Desert Storm.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “My Hero.”

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